We Treat Disease

Make no mistake. Addiction is a serious, life-threatening disease, classified as substance use disorder within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (a huge diagnostic manual often abbreviated as the DSM-5).

  • Addiction is not a lack of willpower.
  • Addiction is not a character flaw.
  • Addiction does not discriminate; people of all ages, all races, and all backgrounds can become addicted.

Addiction is a serious illness that needs prompt medical and psychiatric help to overcome. That’s why Elan Recovery + Wellness exists, to treat the disease of addiction intentionally, seriously, and methodically – and that includes co-occurring mental and emotional conditions (suggest inserting live link to scroll down to that section) that so often accompany addictive behaviors.

Elan’s highly qualified, highly respected professionals have treated addiction across the spectrum of abused substances:

We treat alcohol addiction

Despite so much recent attention on the truly frightening opioid epidemic, alcohol abuse continues to affect 18 million Americans and causes as many as 88,000 deaths every year. Recovering from alcohol addiction requires a very specific and careful approach.

We treat prescription opioid addiction

It’s something we see over and over again – powerful and highly addictive pain-killing drugs like morphine, Vicodin and OxyContin are prescribed after surgery or for an injury or chronic pain, and patients become addicted. Some users will develop a dependence after just one use.

We treat heroin addiction

Another highly addictive opioid, heroin in all forms produces overwhelming feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Because it so powerfully slows both breathing and heart rate, a heroin addict’s life is in danger with virtually every use.

We treat fentanyl/carfentanyl addiction

Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is 50-100 times stronger than morphine, intended for prescription use only for those with severe pain. Carfentanyl, in turn, is 100 times stronger than fentanyl and manufactured for use only in large animals. These incredibly dangerous drugs lead to thousands of overdose deaths every year.

We treat cocaine/crack addiction

We are seeing a resurgence in addiction to cocaine and crack, stimulant drugs that produce a short-term high and feelings of extreme pleasure.

We treat addiction to methamphetamine/Adderall

Stimulant drugs (amphetamines/methamphetamine) can be abused in a number of ways – smoking, snorting, pills, or injection. The intense but short-lived high can lead addicts to take multiple doses over a short period of time. Adderall is a name-brand stimulant used for treating ADHD and narcolepsy; when it is abused, it’s often by people seeking to feel alert and productive.

We treat addiction to hallucinogens

Unpredictable and deadly, hallucinogens alter a person’s perception. Effects can vary wildly. We treat addiction to MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly), LSD, PCP, and other hallucinogenic drugs.

We treat addiction to sedatives

Benzodiazepines are sedatives, such as Xanax and Valium, typically prescribed for anxiety disorders. These drugs can become addictive on their own. Combined with opioids or other substances, they become doubly dangerous.

We treat addiction to marijuana/K2/synthetic marijuana

We are watching closely as restrictions on medical and recreational marijuana begin to ease. Even if the use of marijuana becomes legal, we know its use and abuse can still be highly dangerous to some individuals.

We treat DMX/cough syrup/OTC addictions

Dextromethorphan is a common over-the-counter cough suppressant that, when taken in large doses, can lead to everything from mild intoxication to hallucinations and extreme panic.

Vicious Cycle

Every form of substance abuse represents a vicious cycle: Pain, use, shame & guilt, then more use to numb the shame and guilt. This cycle is universal, and sadly, the pain extends far beyond the individual to their family and their friends. By taking the brave step to seek treatment, you’ll help heal far more people than you could ever imagine.

Finding a Treatment Plan that Works – For You

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we’ve treated guests who have never taken an illegal drug, but who know they’ve lost the ability to control their drinking.

We’ve treated guests who started smoking weed in high school and are now dependent on more and more potent, more and more dangerous drugs.

We’ve treated guests who have become addicted to the most powerful opioid drug ever manufactured.

Much as no two guests are the same, no two treatment plans are ever the same. We specialize in highly individualized, highly personalized, highly customized drug- and alcohol addiction treatment, because that is the single best path to recovery. When you’re here at Elan Recovery + Wellness, we treat YOU.

Depression, Anxiety, and Other Co-Occurring Diagnoses

Having a Dual Diagnosis is common. This means you come to treatment with an addiction as well as some depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another emotional issue.

No substance abuse treatment program is complete unless it is well-equipped to help you navigate the emotional suffering that so often accompanies addiction. When you seek treatment at Elan Recovery + Wellness, you’ll find yourself in a safe place where you can heal from the emotional pain of:


Just as addiction is a serious illness, clinical depression is a serious mental disorder that affects one in three addicted adults, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.


Also exceedingly common in those who suffer from addiction, anxiety leads to feelings of panic, nervousness and intense feelings of discomfort.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Addicted individuals can often trace their drug use to a traumatic event – a death or other loss, rape or sexual assault, emotional or physical abuse.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Individuals with ADHD are at greater risk for developing addictive behaviors, and they need very specific coping mechanisms.

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we use a number of treatment methods to help our guests understand, manage, and emerge from co-occurring mental health conditions:

  • Adaptive testing software, which helps us assess your mental health daily
  • Complete evaluation by a psychiatrist
  • If indicated, psychotropic medication to rebalance the brain chemistry
  • Weekly visits with our staff psychiatrist
  • Management of medications by our advanced psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Biofeedback

If you’re worried about whether depression, anxiety, or other emotional issue will factor in to your addiction treatment plan, please call us today.

Your Transformation

At Elan, recovery doesn’t mean getting your old self back. Our program is geared toward total transformation. You will learn how to replace feelings of guilt and shame with true personal growth, strength, and resilience.

Contact us today, and a counselor can talk with you about beginning your own transformation.

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