Elan Recovery + Wellness’ Christian program, Valor, integrates scripture with AA and NA principles. This program is led by a Master’s level Christian counselor who also holds a Certificate in Preaching. Valor utilizes a non-denominational Christian approach to recovery as individuals recognize God as their Higher Power, and our Recovery Coach and Chaplin provides spiritual guidance and support. In Valor, clients will be free to express and practice their religious beliefs openly, utilizing their existing faith or reconnecting to their faith to promote and support their recovery process.


Participants will:

• Follow a biblically-based recovery approach

• Utilize prayer on a daily basis

• Attend weekly church services

Our staff is dedicated to integrating faith into specialized activities using proven, evidence-based treatment through individual and group services.

We understand that many clients may feel lost, overwhelmed, and concerned about themselves and the lives that have been affected when they first come to Elan. It may be challenging to focus on long-term commitments, but developing and cultivating long-lasting and positive relationships with like-minded individuals in the program is an important part of the recovery process.

We respect all backgrounds and believe that faith and connectedness in recovery can create strong and longstanding change, and we encourage clients with established, revived, and newfound faith to participate in this program.

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