Dr. Zaretsky

Medical Director
Dr. Sophia Zaretsky

Dr Zaretsky returned to her hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida after completing her psychiatric training in New Orleans, LA. She brought home with her a passion to bring her proficiency in the treatment of substance abuse disorders to the community in which she was born and raised. Dr Zaretsky has extensive experience with various types of detox, medication assisted substance abuse treatment, the 12 step recovery model, co-occurring mental health disorders in those diagnosed with substance use disorders, and many modalities of psychotherapy.

Dr Zaretsky believes that all patients deserve to be treated with respect and without judgement. Recovery can be daunting and may seem out of reach to some patients, but Dr Zaretsky believes that with the proper support and motivation recovery is always possible. At Elan Recovery and Wellness the treatment team supports the patient through the medical, emotional, spiritual, and psychiatric challenges of early recovery with the aim of creating a strong foundation for a lifetime of sobriety and wellness.