Craig Stevens

Chaplin + Recovery Coach
Craig Stevens
Craig Stevens has worked in the field of addiction for 9 years and is a team therapist at Elan Recovery + Wellness. His excitement and commitment to the field and community has only continued to grow throughout his career.
Mr. Stevens in a licensed and ordained minister who uses his own relationship with his higher power to improve and empower others and their own spiritual needs. He believes and partakes in motivational interviewing with his clients before moving onto more substantial areas of behavioral treatment, including diagnostic impressions and using techniques such as narrative behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the Columbo Technique. He also uses a host of other therapies in order to reach his clients.
He works to report and address any behavior issues, taking directions in order to meet the specific needs of each client.
He has completed his associate’s degree in addiction studies and is looking forward to continuing his studies to receive his bachelor’s degree.