Rehab Events at Elan Recovery + Wellness

Family Program Weekend Gatherings

Every second Sunday and Monday of the month, Elan Recovery + Wellness hosts a two-day family weekend program for clients and their families. These weekends are reserved for participants of Elan’s Family Program and, like our treatment plans, are tailored to meet the recovery needs of each of our clients and their loved ones.

“It was a very healing experience.”

“This weekend was more than I expected it to be. [It was] fulfilling and healing and love-filled.”

“Thank you to the staff and other clients for participating and helping to give my son what he needed when we couldn’t.”

“This experience changed my life and my perspective. Not just with my mother, but with my own spiritual growth.”

Monthly Alumni Dinner

Every third Sunday of the month, Elan Recovery + Wellness hosts a dinner party in celebration of its clients, alumni, their families, and the recovery community as a whole. The purpose of this dinner is to open the lines of communication between graduated alumni and clients still in treatment. Our goal is to foster hope and build strength— together.

The dates and times for our upcoming monthly alumni dinner events are available in our monthly newsletter.

If you have any questions about either of these rehab events, please feel free to call us.

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