Recovery Dedicated to Maturing Adults

The eXcel program at Elan is specifically designed for adult men and women aged 40 and above. Because of the many challenges in regards to work, family matters, and physical health, older adults are at an increased risk of drug or alcohol abuse. It has been reported that over two million older adults suffer from drug and alcohol related problems, oftentimes alongside other health concerns.

Many maturing adults report care-taking behaviors while in treatment, finding themselves catering to the needs of younger adults and putting their own treatment after other clients’. Generational cohorts share historical and social life experiences, and these shared experiences help make group members feel more comfortable, readily able to identify with and relate to each other, resulting in stronger group cohesion and more effective treatment outcomes.

Connect with People from Your Generation

Providing separate groups that cater to the needs to older adults allows eXcel participants to focus on their own individual treatment needs while still being a part of a larger community.

This program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment with a qualified staff that treats all individuals with dignity and respect. This program provides evidence-based treatment programs such as but not limited to:

  • Age-specific counseling and therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Shame resiliency and vulnerability training

We understand that eXcel participants may have different medical needs than other groups, so physical health exams are completed and medical care is coordinated in advance to promote an individual’s overall health. Contact Elan Recovery + Wellness for more information.