Family Programs

Addiction affects everyone. So treatment for addiction works best when everyone participates, and we know families of addicts experience a very specific kind of pain:

  • We understand that there have been nights you haven’t slept a wink, because you don’t know where your loved one is, or whether they’re even alive.
  • We understand you may already have spent thousands of dollars trying to help your loved one get clean and stay clean.
  • We understand you’ve felt betrayed if your loved one stole from you, or angry because your loved one seems to love the drugs/drink more than they love you.
  • You may have battled depression, shame, or both.

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we know that a person’s family is extremely important in the continuum of care. With the guest’s consent, we contact their loved ones almost immediately to allow them to participate in our initial assessment, and we share regular progress reports.

Weekly Family Counseling Sessions

Our Masters-level clinicians work on any number of family issues during a guest’s stay at Elan Recovery + Wellness. Ideally, the guest grants permission for weekly family counseling sessions for the duration of their time with us.

No matter how intact your family connection seems to be, addiction is a family disease. Every member of the family benefits from education, treatment, and counseling. And individuals fare better in the long term when they have the support of their immediate family.

Weekly family counseling can explore issues of codependency, helping family members understand the distinction between enabling an individual addiction and supporting an individual as a human being. We engage in solid, heart-to-heart process work to repair damaged relationships and build healthy connections for the future. And we help family members and guests understand addiction as a disease, looking at the science of addiction as it is linked to the treatment process.

Elan’s Family Weekend Program

Build from the ground up by a Masters-level clinician, the Elan Recovery + Wellness Family Weekend program is breaking new ground on restoration of relationships. Once a guest’s primary therapist deems he or she is ready, family members are invited for a two-day weekend program that is both experiential and educational.

No two Family Weekends are the same. Much as each individual’s treatment plan is created just for them, our expert facilitator streamlines each event to meet the needs of the participants.

Who can attend?

Any adult family member is welcome, including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or adult children.

What is a Family Weekend like?

Family members are relieved to find themselves in a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere where they can share their pain, voice their concerns, and see a path toward reconciliation. There are educational workshops, but the bulk of the program is built around real process-oriented, heart-to-heart counseling sessions.

What are the outcomes?

So much progress can happen in just 48 hours:

  • Often, families reopen lines of communication that have been closed, sometimes for years.
  • Family members come away feeling enriched and connected, with a deeper insight into addiction as a disease.
  • Loved ones become more able to feel empathy for their addicted loved one.
  • Family members are able to remember who the person was, before addiction hijacked their life. Then they’re able to love the person, until the person is able to love themselves.

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If you have a family member or loved one in active addiction, we highly recommend you immediately begin to participate in AlAnon, the branch of Alcoholics Anonymous that’s designed to support addicts’ families.

We work with concerned families every day. Please contact us today, and let us help your family.

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