About Our Rehab Family Program

Addiction affects everyone. So, treatment for addiction works best when everyone participates. At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we understand that the families of those struggling with addiction experience a particular kind of pain. We understand that friends and family members:

  • may have battled depression, shame, or both
  • have suffered through sleepless nights, wondering if their addicted loved one is alright, or even alive
  • may have already spent thousands of dollars trying to help their addicted loved one get and stay sober
  • have felt betrayed or even angry because their addicted loved one seems to love the drugs or the alcohol more than anything (or anyone) else

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we understand that family involvement is a critical aspect of the continuum of care. With consent from our guests, we contact their loved ones almost immediately so that they have the opportunity to participate in our initial assessment. Moreover, we share regular progress reports.

Our Weekly Family Counseling Sessions

Individuals undergoing addiction treatment tend to have more long-term success in recovery when they work with and receive support from their immediate family. So, with our guests’ permission, our Masters-level clinicians hold weekly family counseling sessions. After all, addiction is a family disease. No matter how unaffected the family dynamic seems to be, every member of the family can benefit from education, treatment, and counseling.

These family counseling sessions help our guests and their loved ones explore and address common addiction-related family issues, like enabling and codependency. Through counseling, our guests and their families can better understand the difference between actions that enable addictive behaviors and actions that offer real help.

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, our family counseling sessions spark in-depth, heart-to-heart discussions that repair damaged relationships and rebuild healthy ones. We also work to help our guests and their family members understand addiction as the disease that it is by examining the science behind addiction and how it relates to the treatment process.

Our Weekend Rehab Family Program

Built from the ground up by a Masters-level clinician, the Elan Recovery + Wellness Family Weekend program breaks new ground for the restoration of relationships in recovery. Once our primary therapists agree that a guest is ready, family members are invited for a two-day weekend program that is both experiential and educational. No two Family Weekends are the same. Much like our individualized treatment plans, family weekends are structured for individual families, and our expert facilitator streamlines each event to meet the needs of the participants.

Who Can Attend a Family Weekend?

All adult family members are welcome to attend our Family Weekend program, including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or adult children.

What is it Like to Participate?

Family members will find themselves in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. They can share their pain, voice their concerns, and forge a path toward reconciliation with their loved one in recovery. Our Family programs offer some educational workshops, but most of the program is comprised of process-oriented, heart-to-heart counseling sessions.

What Are the Outcomes?

You would be surprised at how much progress can happen in just 48 hours. Families often work together to reopen lines of communication that have been closed, sometimes for years. They can get reacquainted with the person their loved one was before addiction. Through sessions, they can learn more about the struggles of their addicted loved one and become more empathetic and understanding. They can have the chance to show unconditional love and support, and inspire a little more self-love and pride for the person in recovery. All in all, family members come away feeling enriched and connected, with a deeper insight into addiction as a disease.

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If you have a family member or loved one struggling with an active addiction, please contact us. At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we work with concerned families every day. And, between your family counseling sessions with us, we highly recommend that you participate in Al-Anon, the branch of Alcoholics Anonymous designed to support the families of addicted individuals.

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