If you are wondering “What are the best recovery centers near me?,” then you are in luck.

Elan Recovery + Wellness has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal (JCAHO), which places us in the top tier of rehabilitation centers in the nation. We have also attained the highest level of accreditation from the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR).

These accreditations ensure that you will receive the highest quality care in addiction treatment. When you invest time, money, and energy into addiction treatment, you have every right to expect the very best clinical care. That’s why Elan Recovery + Wellness has founded its rehabilitation programs on individual care and service excellence.

Learn more about what Elan can do for you or a loved one who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

Endeavor for Adults

The Endeavor for Adults program at Elan Recovery + Wellness combines psychiatric assessment, individual and group counseling, experiential therapy, biofeedback, and other evidence-based addiction treatment practices. Like all of our programs, the Endeavor for Adults program utilizes adapting testing, which allows us to quickly and accurately assess your progress so that we can make necessary adjustments to your individualized treatment plan.

This program focuses on mature individuals with life experience and adult responsibilities – family, home, work, health. Clinically speaking, people who go through recovery alongside others in their own age and stage tend to see better outcomes. That’s why we strive to offer age-specific programs whenever possible.

Endeavor for Young Adults

The Endeavor for Young Adults program at Elan Recovery + Wellness, which is also based on clinical and research-based addiction treatment practices, is a specialized program for younger individuals who are:

  • in treatment for the first time;
  • having trouble finding or connecting with a recovery community; or
  • struggling to maintain their sobriety after going through treatment elsewhere.

Young adulthood is filled with difficult changes and challenges. Life as a young adult can be overwhelming— especially when addiction becomes part of the equation. As such, the Endeavor for Young Adults program equips you with the skills and tools you’ll need to navigate life without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Valor Christian Program

The Valor program at Elan Recovery + Wellness is a non-denominational Christian recovery program based on the 12-Step approach. In the Valor program, you’re free to explore, develop, and renew your trust in God as your Higher Power. Our Masters-level Christian counselor and our chaplain run this program, which integrates clinical rehabilitation practices with:

  • Prayer
  • Weekly church services
  • Reading and studying the Life Recovery Bible

Elan’s Family Weekend Programs

Addiction is just as hard on family members as it is on the addict. We recognize this, which is why we work hard to pioneer process-based counseling for the families of our guests in recovery. In addition, Elan Recovery + Wellness hosts a Family Weekend retreat every month to encourage reconnection and healing for everyone.

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