Frank Gentile 

Director of Admissions

Frank brings a unique and personal understanding of the struggles of addiction to Elan Recovery + Wellness. He is 17 years clean and sober in ongoing recovery and also takes part in the fellowship of the 12-Step program, where he takes great pride in helping others find hope and faith in themselves. Frank is living proof that any addict seeking recovery can stay clean and sober.

Frank has over 9 years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. He began his career in addiction treatment working as a Behavioral Health Technician. Gaining experience and insight, he quickly progressed to Housing Supervisor. Since then, Frank has progressively worked his way up to Admissions Coordinator and then landing his current position as Director of Admissions at Elan Recovery + Wellness Center. He is available at all times to answer any questions about the treatment program at Elan Recovery + Wellness Center and any concerns dealing with the admissions process. Frank works closely with family and friends of the still suffering addict and builds long lasting relationships with clients and their families.