Faith-Based Treatment

Elan Recovery + Wellness is dedicated to helping those affected by addiction as well as family members of those in recovery. Addiction is a complex disease that touches each individual differently, which is why we offer multiple personalized programs to meet the distinct needs of our clients.

We understand the importance of faith in recovery, which is why we are proud to announce Valor, our faith-based recovery program led by trained clinicians. Valor integrates spiritual practices and scripture with AA/NA principles and the 12-Steps. It is non-denominational, welcoming men and women of all faiths. This program utilizes prayer, encourages and engages in mindfulness techniques, and creates and open and safe environment for individuals to share their values and beliefs.

To have great courage in the face of danger is to have valor, and this program is for individuals who have the courage to face addiction through faith and evidence-based treatment. Like-minded individuals create a safe space for our participants, who will be able to reconnect, strengthen, and draw strength from their faith while working their recovery path.

Through Valor, participants will be offered three specialty tracks to partake in:

Triumph: For those who have identified trauma in their lives or who need trauma informed care
Gallant: An age-specific treatment program for young adults
eXcel: An age-specific treatment program for adults


  • Has a Christian Therapist and In-house Chaplain for Christian guidance and support
  • Integrates scripture with AA/NA principles and 12 Steps
  • Utilizes prayer and mindfulness techniques
  • Specialized experiential activities to integrate and practice faith and recovery skills