Will Insurance Cover My Treatment Costs?

Addiction is a complex disease that has the ability to affect people both physically and psychologically. Patients are not always the only ones affected as addiction can impact friends, family members, and employers as well.

Addiction often co-occurs with one’s physical health, mental health, spiritual confusion and economic problems, which may put pressure on the patient and those around them.

Addiction is a disease that affects each individual differently, which is why there are multiple treatment methods available to meet the specific needs of each client. Specialized, evidence-based treatment targets each individual’s own emotional and behavioral characteristics to allow for a more personalized and effective treatment plan.


Will my health insurance cover treatment costs?

Yes, if you have an insurance policy then your treatment costs will most likely be covered. Please contact our admissions department for more information regarding your policy coverage. Elan Recovery + Wellness accepts most major insurance providers.


We work with you

We understand that treatment is an investment, and Elan Recovery + Wellness is committed to helping find a plan that works best for you. Please contact our admissions department or complete our complimentary insurance form to learn more.