We Are a Community

Elan Recovery + Wellness is a private outpatient addiction treatment center in North Palm Beach, Florida. Our facility offers day and night rehabilitation and community housing. Our levels of care include a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and an outpatient program (OP). We also offer family programs, alumni programs, and aftercare support following the completion of our program. We treat both men and women, and we strive to offer age-specific therapy groupings for the best possible outcomes.

Becoming a member of the Elan community requires just one thing: a willingness to fully dedicate yourself to recovery, whether it’s your own or others’.

We Are Innovators

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we have no desire to replicate other programs. Instead, we have taken the best practices and combined them with new, more effective approaches to addiction treatment. In fact, Elan Recovery + Wellness is currently the only private addiction treatment center that utilizes adaptive testing, a form of diagnostic testing that embodies 15 years of NIMH-funded research. This tool allows our clinical team to quickly and accurately measure treatment success. Through adaptive testing, our clinical team can make real-time adjustments for better outcomes.

Furthermore, at Elan, we also use time-tested, evidence-based approaches in our PHPs (partial hospitalization programs), evening programs, and community programs. Our primary goal is to equip each of our guests with everything they’ll need to achieve enduring sobriety.

We Are Accountable

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we approach our mission with a mindset that you won’t find at any other treatment center. We believe that if you invest time, emotion, and money in addiction treatment, you have every right to expect it will work. We expect it, too. In fact, we’re so confident in our team and in our clinical approach that we offer The Elan Guarantee:

If you relapse within the first six months after graduating from Elan Recovery + Wellness, then you may be able to come back for a two-week Recovery Reboot… for free.

We extend this guarantee to first-time guests who successfully complete our eight-week program and continue to follow aftercare and continuing care recommendations.

We Are Guides

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, our highly-structured rehabilitation programs are not easy. Recovery is never easy. You’ll feel the physical effects that come when the drugs or alcohol finally leave your system. You’ll dig deep into your past, your soul, and yourself to rip out the roots of your underlying pain. You’ll face your addiction in a safe space, surrounded by the Elan community and guided by our compassionate staff. Most importantly, you’ll re-learn that all feelings— even painful ones— are environmental cues that help us survive. Numbing those feelings only causes havoc, and living in havoc is dangerous. We can help you emerge from the mayhem into a safer, healthier existence.

We Are Qualified

Elan Recovery + Wellness has built a team of the region’s most dedicated, qualified addiction treatment professionals. Take a look at our combined levels of experience:

  • Masters-level clinicians: 17 years
  • Clinical director: 22 years
  • Nursing staff: 47 years

It is important to have a highly educated team with years of experience in the field that continues to research and learn. Some of our professionals were even in your shoes. Who understands addiction better than someone who once had it? Who else will know how it feels, what started it, or why it continues?

Experience is the most informed kind of knowledge. Experience recognizes the lies that addiction tells you. Experience knows how to heal both the body and the brain.

We Operate with Integrity

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, our core values can be summed up in three major traits: quality care, service excellence, and, above all, integrity. Our guests hold us to the same high standard to which we hold ourselves. To that end, we’ve created The Voice, a feedback session where our clients are open and honest with our CEO and VP of Clinical Services about their experiences at Elan Recovery + Wellness. We work hard to address any concerns and implement good ideas into our care. We are gratified by the praise we receive:

  • “All the staff here really care.”
  • “I really like the structure and security here.”
  • “The Family Program reconnected me with my family, and I didn’t think that was possible.”
  • “Our voices are heard here. No other treatment center does that. That’s really important to an addict.”
  • “The staff makes me feel like I am a ‘normal’ person, and I need that. I don’t feel judged or treated as ‘less than’.”

We Are Transformative

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, getting sober doesn’t mean getting your old self back. Recovery means being better than the person you once were. This is why our program is focused on achieving a total transformation. With help from our staff and from fellow alumni, you will learn how to replace feelings of guilt and shame with feelings of true personal growth, strength, and resilience.

We Treat All Ages and Stages

Clinically, it’s better for people to go through recovery surrounded by people their own age and stage. This is why we strive to offer age-specific groupings; doing so allows us to help achieve the best possible outcomes for every generation. This includes parents, grandparents, adults, and young adults.

We Are Just the Right Size

The whole of Elan Recovery + Wellness accommodates up to 52 guests. This modest facility capacity allows for a more intimate treatment and recovery experience. We get to know you personally from the moment you walk through our doors. Plus, our clinical staff tailors your addiction treatment plan specifically to meet your needs, allowing more room for better outcomes than a one-size-fits-all approach.

We may be a medium-sized outpatient treatment center, but our staff is large, knowledgable, and has experience in treating all kinds of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

We Are Ideally Located

Elan Recovery + Wellness is located in North Palm Beach, Florida, in northern Palm Beach County. North Palm Beach is known for its country clubs, sandy beaches, and blue waters. Addiction treatment isn’t a vacation, but we do our best to make it as relaxing as possible by integrating Florida’s beautiful surroundings into our treatment program. As such, we’ve renovated our treatment space to ensure a peaceful, welcoming environment.

Moreover, our residential apartment homes, located nearby in a quiet, safe neighborhood, are always clean, well-kept and supervised 24 hours a day. We also provide transportation to and from the treatment facility. When you lodge with us, camaraderie and personal connections will continue outside the rooms.

We Offer Several Program Options


Sometimes, the hardest wounds to heal are the ones that addiction causes in families. That’s why the Elan Recovery + Wellness community emphasizes the involvement of family members during the recovery process. Elan’s family therapy is a fundamental part of integrated alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We explore the toll that the disease has taken on each member of the family, from children to grandparents. Our goals are to cultivate communication, understanding, and the healing of relationships so that you and your loved ones can all walk into the future together.

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At Elan Recovery + Wellness, our responsibilities do not end after the discharge phase. Studies show that reliable alumni programs increase the probability that an addiction treatment program graduate will maintain long-term sobriety. This is why we include alumni activities and aftercare in our continuum of care.

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Our Endeavor program follows the principles laid out by the 12 Steps. We focus on the diseases of drug addiction and alcohol addiction as well as their underlying causes. Through this program, each of our clients develops a deep understanding of his or her own addiction by exploring co-occurring disorders and personal struggles, such as physical and/or mental health issues, interpersonal problems, trauma, spiritual confusion, and economic issues. This allows each of them to better navigate life after graduation.

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Our Valor program, led by our Masters-level Christian counselor and our staff chaplain, takes a faith-based approach in treating addiction. By combining scripture with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) practices, we help clients explore, deepen, or even rediscover their faith in a non-denominational setting. Through prayer, discussion, weekly worship, and study in The Life Recovery Bible©, our Valor clients can renew their sense of hope, strength, and direction while also building a strong relationship with God.

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We Are Real People

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we are committed to providing a caring, compassionate, and warm environment to our guests and each other. We’re not perfect, so it’s okay that you’re not perfect, either. Don’t struggle with addiction and substance abuse any longer. Your tomorrow is waiting.

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