We are a community

Belonging to the Elan community requires just one thing: A willingness to dedicate yourself fully to recovery, whether it’s your own or the recovery of others.

Elan Recovery + Wellness is a private outpatient substance abuse treatment center based in North Palm Beach, Florida. Elan is a day and night rehabilitation center with community housing. We offer Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Program (OP) levels of care, plus family programs, alumni programs and aftercare support following completion of the program. We treat both men and women, and we strive to offer age-specific groupings for the best outcomes.

We are innovators

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we have no wish to replicate other recovery and addiction treatment programs. Instead, we take the best of what we’ve seen and combine it with new, more effective approaches to substance abuse treatment.

Elan Recovery + Wellness is currently the only private substance abuse treatment center utilizing a form of diagnostic software called adaptive testing. Created through 15 years of National Institute of Mental Health-funded research, this tool allows our clinical team to quickly measure how a guest is responding to treatment and make real-time adjustments to improve guest outcomes. We also use time-tested, evidence-based approaches in our PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), evening and community programs. We have one primary goal: Equipping each one of our guests to achieve enduring sobriety.

We are guides

Elan’s rehabilitation programs are highly structured, and the work isn’t easy. Again and again, you’ll feel the physical pull that comes when you’re no longer numbing your feelings with drugs or alcohol. Instead, you’ll dig deep into your soul/self/past and rip out the roots of the underlying pain behind your addiction. You’ll look it straight in the eye and face it, no matter how debilitating it feels, within the safe space created by the Elan community and guided by Elan’s compassionate staff.

You can re-learn that all feelings, even painful ones, are environmental cues to help us survive. Numbing them causes havoc, and living in havoc is dangerous. All our guests know this in their hearts, and they are so grateful and relieved to emerge from the mayhem into a safer, healthier existence.

We are accountable

We’ve decided to approach this mission with a mindset you won’t find elsewhere. We believe that if you invest time, emotion, and money in addiction treatment, you have every right to expect it will work. We expect that addiction treatment at Elan Recovery + Wellness will work, too. In fact, we’re so confident in our team and in our clinical approach that we offer The Elan Guarantee:

Relapse in the first six months after completing our six-week program, and you can come back for a two-week Recovery Reboot … for free.

We extend this guarantee to first-time guests who successfully complete our six-week program and continue to follow aftercare and continuing care recommendations.

We are qualified

Elan Recovery + Wellness has brought together the region’s most dedicated, qualified addiction treatment professionals. Look at our combined levels of experience:

  • Clinical director: 22 years
  • Masters-level clinicians: 17 years
  • Nursing staff: 47 years

Why is it important to have a highly educated team that continues to research and learn, but also has so many years in the substance use field? First, some of our professionals were once in your shoes. Who knows better what addiction is like than someone who’s been there? Who else knows how it feels, why it started, why it continues?

Also, experience is knowledge, not just with the latest research but also in knowing how the brain responds to assault from substance abuse. Addiction tells the brain, “Run away!” Addiction tells the brain, “I love you.” Addiction says, “Your problem isn’t me. Your problem isn’t the way you crave me. Your problem is your family, or your job, or your bills.” Experience recognizes the lies that addiction tells. Experience also knows how to help an addict manage and overcome the cravings and change the brain’s intentions.

We operate with integrity

Integrity is Elan’s core value, along with service excellence and the absolute high quality of care. We ask you to hold us to the same high standard to which we hold ourselves.

To that end, we’ve created “The Voice,” a feedback session with our CEO and VP of Clinical Services, where our clients are asked to be open and honest about their experience at Elan Recovery + Wellness. We work hard to address every concern and promptly implement their good ideas. We’re also gratified by their praise:

  • “All the staff here really care.”
  • “The Family Program reconnected me with my family, and I didn’t think that was possible.”
  • “Our voices are heard here. No other treatment center does that. That’s really important to an addict.”
  • “The staff makes me feel like I am a ‘normal’ person, and I need that. I don’t feel judged or treated as ‘less than’.”
  • “I really like the structure and security here.”

We are guest-centered and transformative

At Elan, recovery doesn’t mean getting your old self back. Our program is geared toward total transformation. You will learn how to replace feelings of guilt and shame with true personal growth, strength, and resilience. Contact us today, and a counselor can talk with you about beginning your own transformation.

We are ideally located

Elan Recovery + Wellness is based in North Palm Beach, Florida, which is in northern Palm Beach County. North Palm Beach is known for its country club environment and its proximity to the wide beaches and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Coming to addiction treatment isn’t a beach vacation, but we do integrate our beautiful natural surroundings into our treatment program.

We’ve renovated our entire treatment space to ensure a peaceful, welcoming environment. Likewise, our residential apartment homes are clean and well-kept, and located nearby in a quiet, safe neighborhood. We provide transportation, and our home environments are supervised 24 hours a day. Lodging with us means that camaraderie and personal connections continue “outside the rooms.”

We are just the right size

Elan Recovery + Wellness can only accommodate up to 52 guests. This allows us to get to know you personally from the moment you walk in the door. Our clinical staff will tailor your addiction treatment plan specifically for your needs, which leads to better outcomes than a one-size-fits-all approach. Because we are a medium-sized outpatient treatment center, our staff is large enough to have experience in all substance abuse disorders as well as co-occurring mental health conditions in our dual-diagnosis guests.

We work with all ages and stages

Clinically, we know it’s better to go through recovery with other people your own age. When groups are mixed, mature adults tend to assume parental or caretaker roles for younger people, which can shift their focus away from their own recovery work.

We strive to offer age-specific groupings, which allows us to achieve the best outcomes for every generation:

  • Young adults
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

We offer a range of program options

P.A.T.C.H. Program

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Sometimes, the hardest wounds to heal are the ones addiction causes in families. That’s why the Elan Recovery + Wellness community places such emphasis on the involvement of family members during the recovery process, and why we invite loved ones to visit once a month for our two-day Family Weekend program. Elan’s family therapy is an integral part of integrated addiction treatment, and we explore the toll the disease has taken on each member of the family group, from children to grandparents. The goals? Communication, understanding, and healing of relationships, so that you can all walk into the future together.

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An addiction treatment program’s responsibility doesn’t end when you walk out the door. Research shows that a robust alumni program increases the probability that a graduate will maintain long-term sobriety, and Elan Recovery + Wellness continues to build out its strong alumni offerings for three crucial reasons…

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Our Endeavor program follows the principles laid out by the 12-Step Program. We focus on the disease of addiction as well as its underlying causes. Each client develops a deep understanding of their own addiction, which allows them to navigate life after graduation. Clients explore co-occurring disorders and personal struggles, such as physical and/or mental health issues, interpersonal problems, trauma, spiritual confusion, and economic issues. We strive to offer age-specific groupings and gender-specific groups, which helps provide an additional level of safety and comfort when discussing deeply personal issues.

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Over and over, we witness the hope, strength and direction our clients take from a renewed relationship with God. Our Valor program takes a faith-based approach toward treating addiction. By combining scripture with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) practices, we help clients explore, deepen or rediscover their faith in a non-denominational setting, led by our Masters-level Christian counselor and our staff chaplain. Through prayer, discussion, weekly worship, and study in The Life Recovery Bible©, our Valor clients can discover their true purpose and identity.

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We are real people

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we commit to be caring, compassionate and warm to our guests and to each other. We’re not perfect, and it’s OK that you’re not perfect either.

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