Treatment with Values

Elan Recovery + Wellness' Foundation

Our entire organizational culture is built on essential core values like integrity and honesty, and we believe that true recovery comes only through 100% personal accountability. Our facility strives for the highest clinical quality, and we settle for nothing less than the top-level of care. We are champions of hope, and our goal is to guide you to becoming the champion of your own lasting change.

Here at Elan Recovery + Wellness, we are a family. We care about our employees just as much as our clients. Every day, our staff and our clients form deep bonds based on mutual respect. We believe that empowerment and encouragement are integral for lasting success, and we want to give our clients the freedom to reclaim their life. We enjoy what we do, and it is our mission to give everyone, whether they be a client or member of our staff, a life-changing experience driven by compassion, kindness, and honesty.

We ask both our employees and our clients to follow a simple but powerful set of cultural guidelines that are designed to promote personal accountability, kindness, and compassion. We ask that everyone realize they are 100% responsible for everything in their life, always maintain confidentiality and practice complete honesty and integrity, and do not judge others. We ask each person to hold others, like co-workers, accountable for their actions but always think the best of them. Lastly, we ask each individual to avoid a not-my-job mindset. We ask that everyone always go above and beyond for those around them.

Our Commitment

Addiction is a multifaceted issue, and each person who struggles with it comes from a unique background and perspective. We understand that your struggles are yours alone and that no one has been in your exact situation or experienced everything you have experienced. With that said, we constantly remind our clients that they are not alone. Even with your distinctive challenges, our program can be tailored to help with your individual struggle, and we pride ourselves in creating a fair and compassionate plan for every person in need.

Our commitment to integrity means that we always do the right thing, even when it is uncomfortable. We constantly try to improve our clients’ lives and lead them to more positive outcomes.

Excellence is not just a word, it is what drives our performance. Every person deserves to be respected, empowered, and encouraged, and our program is specially designed to facilitate that experience. We approach recovery and wellness as a vocation, and we do it with compassion, kindness, and honesty.