We haven’t just put together a menu of services. We’ve put together a menu of services that work.

If you’re planning to commit weeks or months of your life to intensive rehabilitation, you’re correct to ask what addiction treatment services will be available to you. You’re also correct to ask why each one is valuable, and how they all fit together to create a unified, effective treatment plan.

And it’s not enough for a treatment facility just to offer a range of services. The clinical staff must thoroughly understand the science behind every one, and know which ones are appropriate to your recovery.

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, our clinical advisory board has guided the thoughtful development of Elan’s addiction treatment services. Here’s an overview of the science-based addiction treatment services offered at Elan Recovery + Wellness, and some of the reasons we know they’re valuable and effective parts of the process:

Individual and group therapies

Individual and group therapies provide social reinforcement and to help enforce behavioral contingencies that promote abstinence and a drug-free lifestyle. People come to treatment with different backgrounds and secondary diagnoses. Individual therapy gives the guest an opportunity to build rapport with their clinician and to work on those issues they might not be comfortable to reveal in a group setting.Group therapy: In addiction, the treatment model of choice is group therapy. At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we follow the social model of recovery by offering several different kinds of group therapy. Some groups are educational and topic-focused, as we work on skills such as:

  • Wellness
  • Recovery action plan
  • Relapse prevention
  • Anger management
  • Spirituality
  • Setting boundaries
  • Managing triggers and cravings

But the core of our program is built around our process groups, in-depth intensive therapy sessions facilitated by primary therapists. We focus on these kinds of interactions, because our guests consistently report that their primary process groups contributed most to their recovery. A true process group, led well, means that everyone in the room is actively engaged in deep explorations of:

  • Emotional issues
  • Recovery principles
  • Coping skills
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts

Mental health counseling

Mental health counseling helps clients accept and understand the underlying emotional issues that are often associated with addiction or co-occurring disorders. Our research-based approaches are beneficial for people with chronic emotional deregulation problems and impulsivity, which can result in behavioral difficulties.

Skills groups

Skills groups address four main areas that are of extreme benefit to building a life free of drugs and/or alcohol dependence:

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotional regulation
  • Interpersonal effectiveness

Relapse prevention planning

Relapse prevention planning helps our guests maintain their hard-earned sobriety. Before completing the program, each guest completes an individualized written relapse prevention plan. Each individual’s carefully crafted relapse prevention plan touches upon the behavioral, cognitive, emotional and motivational coping techniques that will support long-term recovery.

Elan’s Scientifically Sound Treatment Interventions

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

We all have underlying core beliefs that shape the way we perceive and think about the world. Those core beliefs impact the way we act, and that creates our reality. If you don’t like the situation you’re in, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps you backtrack to examine the way you’ve been thinking about that situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps an individual reframe the kinds of irrational thoughts and behaviors that go along with addiction.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

An offshoot of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this modality involves a concrete post-incident analysis to see where you could have thought about the situation differently, and reacted differently, to achieve a different outcome.

Motivational Enhancement and Interviewing (ME/MI)

The whole premise of this modality is that nobody’s going to force you to do something you don’t want to do. Motivational Enhancement and Interviewing helps identify places we get stuck and how to increase the internal motivation to change.

Shame Resiliency and Vulnerability Training

This portion of the Elan Wellness + Recovery program is based upon the groundbreaking work of Brene Brown, research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. It helps our guests understand and manage the emotional risks involved with living a full, authentic life. We reject the notion that vulnerability is a weakness, and we try to show each guest that they are lovable because of their imperfections, not in spite of them.

Medication for cravings, depression, anxiety and insomnia

Elan Recovery + Wellness employs a full-time psychiatric nurse practitioner and a medical director, who complete psychiatric and physical evaluations, prescribe medication, and do weekly monitoring and medication checks. Additional Treatment Services Include:

  • Elan’s adaptive testing process allows us to monitor every guest’s wellbeing on a daily basis, and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which provides assessment and support for guests with co-occurring disorders (depression, anxiety, bi-polar, PTSD, ADHD).
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Experiential therapy, designed to present concepts in a hands-on environment for people who learn by doing.
  • Family therapy: Regular counseling on family issues and monthly Family Weekend events that seek to restore relationships.
  • AA/NA participation: Guests go to both in-house and outside meetings.
  • Nutrition: Addiction does so much damage to the body, and every aspect of addiction treatment at Elan Recovery + Wellness is designed to bring an individual’s biology and neurology back into balance. Nutrition groups include education about sustaining a healthy diet; specific guidance about foods that can help repair patterns of mineral deficiencies common to addicts; food demonstrations; meal planning demonstrations; therapeutic meal plans; and review of grocery store receipts to help each guest shop appropriately.
  • Monitoring of medical conditions: Our medical director and nursing staff are alert to guests with diabetes, seizure disorders, high blood pressure, and other physical disorders. In most cases, secondary medical conditions can be managed concurrently while you’re here.
  • Case management: Our case manager can help guests with a number of practical tasks, including filing paperwork for FMLA leave or short-term disability; working with your employer’s HR department; staying in contact with parole officers or arranging transportation to court dates. We think it’s essential that you focus on your treatment. Our case manager will handle whatever the clinical treatment team believes is appropriate in your individual case.

Thoughtful Treatment

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we wrap each client in a thoughtfully determined treatment plan specific to their needs, history of use, physical health, and emotional health, using the best practices and the most up-to-date research and clinical understanding.

Please contact us today, and allow us to build an addiction plan that’s right for you, or for someone you love.

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