At Elan Recovery + Wellness, we believe in offering only the highest in clinical quality. Therefore, we base our programs on only the latest clinically tested treatment approaches and the most current research in the behavioral sciences. We know how to translate that research into addiction treatment methods that are both life-changing and life-saving.

Elan Recovery + Wellness has brought together the region’s most dedicated experts in qualified addiction treatment. We are an exceptionally talented group of highly engaged professionals, and we enjoy what we do.

We are made up of thought-leaders and experts in the fields of addiction and recovery. These highly experienced, passionate, thoughtful individuals guide our program development, caretaker training and the overall consistency of our core mission.

We Understand How to Help You

We accept that addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects the brain structure and brain function of each individual differently. For those struggling with drug and alcohol dependence, the physical and psychological effects can range from mild to severe and endure long after the last use.Elan Recovery + Wellness exists to treat the disease of addiction intentionally, seriously, and methodically – and that includes co-occurring mental and emotional conditions that so often accompany addictive behaviors. We specialize in highly individualized, highly personalized, highly customized drug- and alcohol addiction treatment, because that is the single best path to recovery.

With support and guidance, recovery is absolutely, positively possible. The nature of addiction is complex, which is why we complete thorough physical and psychological assessments of each guest before composing a treatment plan. In addition, we retain a medical director/psychiatrist and a psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP). Our masters-level licensed clinicians have niche expertise in everything from trauma resolution and family systems to faith-based treatment, co-occurring disorders and treatment-resistant individuals. Case managers and recovery peer specialists round out the Elan Recovery + Wellness clinical family.

We are on the cutting-edge of innovative, empirically validated methods and technologies that augment and support treatment, including:

  • Adaptive testing, which helps us assess your mental health daily
  • Complete evaluation by a psychiatrist
  • If indicated, psychotropic medication to rebalance the brain chemistry
  • Weekly visits with our psychiatrist
  • Management of medications by our advanced psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Neurofeedback
  • Intensive family program
  • Aftercare/alumni program
  • Treatment-driving, empirically validated assessments
  • Progress tracking
  • Outcome tracking to follow our guests’ successes after their discharge

You Can Trust Our World-Class Clinical Team

Some of our addiction and recovery professionals were once in your shoes. Who knows better what addiction is like than someone who’s been there? Who else knows how it feels, why it started, why it continues?

We also understand how the brain responds to assault from substance abuse. Addiction tells the brain, “Run away!” Addiction tells the brain, “I love you.” Addiction says, “Your problem isn’t me. Your problem isn’t the way you crave me. Your problem is your family, or your job, or your bills.” Experience recognizes the lies that addiction tells. Experience also knows how to help an addict manage and overcome the cravings and change the brain’s intentions.

Rehab Really is a Process

Elan’s rehabilitation programs are highly structured, and the work isn’t easy. Guided by our expert clinicians, you’ll be able to dig deep into your soul/self/past to address the underlying pain behind your addiction. You’ll look it straight in the eye and face it, within the safe space created by the Elan community and guided by Elan’s compassionate staff. You’ll do it all without having to reach for the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol, and we’ll show you how.

Along the way, you’ll come to realize that all feelings, even painful ones, are environmental cues to help us survive. Numbing them causes havoc, and living in havoc is dangerous. Our guests know this deep within their hearts, and they are so grateful and relieved to emerge from the mayhem into a safer, healthier existence.

Relapse is Not Inevitable

Our culture has come to expect relapse, even after multiple stints in rehab. We categorically reject that relapse is inevitable, particularly for anyone who’s done the difficult work to complete one of Elan’s addiction treatment programs. That’s why our aftercare and continuing care recommendations are so important. Our adaptive testing assessment software lets us know if you’re moving back toward bad habits, and we can come alongside you to counsel, guide, and support your efforts to get back on track.

At Elan Recovery + Wellness, you will learn the skills, healthy practices, and tools you need to live a clean and sober life. We’ll talk a lot about:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Triggers, and how to avoid them
  • The role of good nutrition
  • The role of proper sleep
  • The role of exercise
  • The importance of AA/NA meetings
  • Learning to have fun without drugs
  • How to steer clear of toxic people

Our commitment to quality and integrity pushes us to provide the best and most innovative rehabilitation program imaginable. Every success story validates our quality-driven approach.

YOU CAN conquer your addiction and claim your own success story. Contact us today.