If you come to Elan Recovery + Wellness for addiction treatment, you have every right to expect our addiction treatment programs will work. We expect our programs to work, too. From the first day we opened our doors, we offered The Elan Guarantee as a sign of our complete confidence in the Elan team and its clinical approach.

The Elan Guarantee

Relapse in the first six months after completing our six-week program, and you can come back for a two-week Recovery Reboot … for free.

We extend this guarantee to first-time guests who successfully complete our six-week program and continue to follow aftercare and continuing care recommendations. We hope no one ever needs a Recovery Reboot, but we’re not naïve. Addiction is a pervasive disease, and we don’t want to see anyone stumble.

A Recovery Reboot is just that: It’s a time to revisit relapse prevention skills, to explore what made you falter, and to rebuild your courage and confidence. We hope you’ll never need The Elan Guarantee, but it’s important to us that our alumni can turn to us for help, even months after they graduate.

We don’t believe
relapse is inevitable

We don’t think you should buy into that myth either. At Elan Recovery + Wellness, you will learn the skills, healthy practices, and tools you need to live a clean and sober life. We’ll talk a lot about:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Triggers, and how to avoid them
  • The role of good nutrition
  • The role of proper sleep
  • The role of exercise
  • The importance of AA/NA meetings
  • Learning to have fun without drugs
  • How to steer clear of toxic people

That’s why our aftercare and continuing care recommendations are so important. Often we can head a relapse off before it happens. Our adaptive testing assessment lets us know if you’re moving back toward bad habits, and we can come alongside you to counsel, guide, and support your efforts to get back on track.

Your aftercare and continuing care responsibilities will vary, depending upon the individual, the length of time they’ve spent in an Elan program, and their stage of recovery. At minimum, continuing care responsibilities might include:

  • Staying engaged with our alumni program;
  • Cooperation with periodic adaptive testing assessments;
  • Faithful attendance at AA/NA meetings;
  • Continued work with AA/NA sponsor;
  • Prompt response to follow-up telephone calls from our staff;
  • Scheduling and keeping medical follow-up visits.
  • Continuing in an outpatient program.
  • Continuing individual therapy.
  • Working with a recovery coach.

We want each individual experience with Elan Recovery + Wellness to be both positive and enduring. We’ll meet you right where you are, but we’ll never leave you where you are. Guaranteed.