The Community Effect

Elan Recovery + Wellness understands that while the journey of recovery begins with the individual,

the path to prevention continues within the community.

Recovery and Wellness Center

Believe it or not, many people still believe addiction is simply a flaw in character or a choice

Harmful and negative stereotypes can prevent people from seeking the help they really need. As a result, we work to negate and dispel the stigma of addiction as well as the addiction treatment industry.

Through a combination of community outreach, onsite education, and online training modules, we offer people the education necessary to end these misconceptions once and for all. Our community outreach often includes educational classes for business and we routinely support non-profits with both our time and our money.

We fight for truth and honesty, and our approach to business and treatment works to this end as well. Elan Recovery + Wellness operates with complete program transparency.  We are always honest when speaking about treatment options and outcomes.

We have learned that community is the key, not just outside of the facility, but also within. We consider ourselves and our clients a team who, with hard work and perseverance, can face any obstacle and overcome any odds.

Recovery and Wellness Center

Sustained recovery is a lifelong process, and your recovery does not end when the program ends.

Your recovery does not end when the program ends. Keeping in touch with alumni and their families plays a big part in how we can continue to improve our services and our outcomes. Educational materials and outcome studies are shared openly so people can see where our treatment is successful and where it needs improvement.

Honesty and openness are the key, and being true to these values has allowed us to excel in both care and customer service. As a result, many clients choose to recommend us to others who need help.

In addition, we realize that recovery should not only be for those with deep pockets. Therefore, we have a scholarship program to help those who yearn for our help but find themselves in a dire financial situation. Our scholarship selection is based on the willingness and motivation of the client and family and would only be considered if the client is clinically approved and provides a letter of intent and reason.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Through our service in the public and for the individual, Elan Recovery + Wellness hopes to break down the barriers to success through honesty, integrity, and community.