Age-Specific Treatment

Age-Specific Treatment Programs at Elan Recovery + Wellness


Our dedicated treatment team works with clients on a practical level to develop coping skills and a detailed life plan that will assist in preventing a relapse. Elan Recovery + Wellness’ adult and young adult programs provide treatment services that are specific to each age group. In addition, Elan puts on emphasis on core emotions to uncover the central issues driving the addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Preparing clients with the knowledge and experience to face each moment is critical to their success outside of our facility, and we are committed to providing treatment services that yield long-term results.


Adult Treatment

Elan provides adults with treatment specific to their needs, allowing participants to focus on their individual plan while being a part of a larger community of their peers. 

Young Adult Treatment 

We provide young adults clients with life skills training that includes communication skills, decision making skills, nutrition education as well as budgeting and meal planning skills.